Planning a Bathtub-to-Shower Conversion

A bathroom remodeling company in BaltimoreShowers offer a more spacious bathing experience and greater convenience than a traditional bathtub. Thankfully, you can have your small bathtub converted into a luxurious full-size shower for less than you think. A bathroom remodeling company in Baltimore that specializes in bathtub-to-shower conversions can customize your shower space to satisfy the demands of your lifestyle, taste, and budget. To help you get the most out of your new shower, here are some tips for planning a bathtub-to-shower conversion.

Measure the Bathroom

Even if you will be hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor to complete your conversion, you can expedite the process by providing your contractor with precise measurements from the start. Be sure to include ceiling height, tub width and depth, and toilet location.

Consider Lighting and Tile Layout

Once the measurements are recorded, start thinking about your shower's lighting and tile layout, as this is key to a luxurious, polished-looking shower. Often the ceiling framing above a tub can be easily adjusted to accommodate a lighting plan, the design of which will depend on the dimensions of your new walk-in shower. Save pictures of any lighting and tile layouts you are fond of and show them to your bathroom remodel contractor.

Research Shower Fixtures

Shopping for fixtures is one of the most enjoyable parts of installing a new shower. Take your time and research different combinations. You are not required to use all the same brand throughout your shower, though you should try to maintain a consistent look and feel with your new shower fixtures.

Decide on Special Additions

This is the part of the planning stage where you should write down every special feature and addition you can think of that will take your new shower to the next level. Examples of options for full-size showers include built-in shower seats, messaging showerheads, and recessed cubby holes for toiletries and wash cloths.

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