Creating a Wheelchair-Accessible Bathroom Design

wheelchair accessible bathroom BaltimoreIf you are planning on spending your senior years in your own home, it is highly important to create a bathroom design that will provide you with functionality and ease of use. By embarking on a bathroom remolding project that is wheelchair-accessible, you will ensure that your bathroom is comfortable for you, even if you experience mobility issues. Aging in the home remodelers near Baltimore can help you plan a bathroom remodel that is designed with wheelchairs in mind. To help you get started on your bathroom install, here are some tips for creating a wheelchair-accessible bathroom design.

Widen the Doorways

When you are designing a wheelchair-accessible bathroom, it is a great idea to widen the doorway to the bathroom space. By creating a doorway with ample room, you can ensure that a wheelchair will be able to easily fit through the threshold. As you are widening the doorway, you should also make sure to install door levers that are easy to turn. By installing levers, rather than knobs, you can ensure that every member of your household will be able to open and close doors.

Install Grab Bars

Along with widening the doorways, you may also want to install grab bars in key areas throughout the bathroom. Grab bars will allow a person in a wheelchair to lift themselves safely into the tub or shower. Along with improving accessibility, grab bars are also an important tool for preventing slips and falls.

Consider a Walk-In Tub

Walk-in tubs are among the most essential features of a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. By installing a walk-in tub, you will ensure that it is easy for a person in a wheelchair to enter and exit the bathtub space. Along with a walk-in tub, you may also want to consider creating a shower area that can accommodate a full wheelchair. These amenities will go a long ways towards ensuring that your bathroom design is wheelchair-friendly.

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