Signs Your Bathroom is Ready for a Remodel

Baltimore bathroom remodelYou use your bathroom every day. Unfortunately, this level of familiarity can lead to a blind eye where problems are concerned. If you take a step back and evaluate your bathroom as a whole, what feelings or emotions come to mind? If you feel embarrassed, uninterested, concerned, or any other negative feeling, consult with a Baltimore bathroom remodel expert to learn how you can transform the space and have a bathroom to be proud of. Here are some specific things to look for that may indicate it's time to pursue a bathroom remodel.

Worn Out Cabinets

Laminate is one of the more popular materials for bathroom cabinets. When water seeps underneath laminate, the fiberboard swells, causing the face of the cabinets to bubble up and peel away from the fiberboard underneath. For solid wood cabinets, water can create dark stains and moisture rot. Either way, if you have worn-out cabinets that look every bit their age, consider replacing the cabinets as part of a larger remodeling project.

Corroded Plumbing Fixtures

Faucets, showerheads, and other bathroom plumbing fixtures can corrode when water is left to sit. Unfortunately, there's no way to repair corroded fixtures. And while corroded pipes and fittings can instantly detract from the look of your bathroom, they aren't prohibitively expensive to replace. Talk to a bathroom remodeling professional in Baltimore for an estimate on replacing the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom as part of a larger renovation project.

Cracked Tiles

Along with laminate, tile is another material commonly found in most bathrooms. Tile may be moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean, but it's not the strongest material in the world. Besides being unaesthetically pleasing, cracked tiles can also harbor mold and mildew and may put your walls and floors at risk of water damage. Schedule an in-home bathroom remodel consultation to learn about your options for new tile flooring, tile countertops, or shower tiles.

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