Aging in Place Remodeling Tips for Your Bathroom

aging in place remodelers baltimore mdNo one wants to imagine themselves as being weak and fragile, but that’s one of the realities of getting older. The sooner you begin to plan and prepare for your golden years, the easier, safer, and more comfortable old age will be. One of the most important rooms to start with is the bathroom. Bathrooms can be dangerous enough for able-bodied individuals, but they can be even more treacherous for older adults who suffer from limited mobility. Aging in place remodelers in Baltimore will help you take into consideration all the different factors that go into creating a senior-safe bathroom. Some tips to keep in mind while planning your bathroom remodel include:

Minimize the Risk of Slipping

Slip and fall accidents are common in bathrooms, and the results of these accidents can be disastrous for seniors. That’s why one of the first steps of an age-in-place bathroom remodel is to install slip-resistant flooring and slip-resistant bath and shower liners. A remodeler can show you examples of beautiful and functional slip-resistant flooring that will increase safety without negatively affecting your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Install Grab Bars and Handrails

If you stop and think about all the bending, sitting, and leaning you do in the bathroom, it becomes quite clear that grab bars and handrails are absolutely essential for a senior-safe bathroom. Grab bars are a must in the shower, but you should also consider grab bars and handrails at other points in the bathroom where you might bend, sit, or lean—such as around the toilet and near the sink.

Increase Tub/Shower Accessibility

Getting in and out of the bathtub or shower is an activity that most of us take for granted until we lose our mobility. Walk-in bathtubs are a must-have for the elderly or disabled, as they eliminate slip and fall accidents resulting from stepping over the tub. In addition to easier and safer access, safety tubs also feature easy-to-reach faucets and shower handles, non-slip surfaces, and an in-tub seat to make the bathing process as safe as possible.

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