A Brief Look at the Tub Liner Installation Process

bathroom remodeling in baltimore mdBathroom remodeling in Baltimore does not always have to be an extensive project that spans across multiple days. A new bathtub liner can even revitalize your bathtub – and thus your bathroom – in less than a day. Continue on if you are interested in taking a brief look at the tub liner installation process.

If your bathtub has faded from its previous glory but you do not want to deal with a full replacement, bathtub liner installation is likely your best bet. Through this process, your bathroom remodel company can fix your bathtub so it looks identical to how it used to with the help of modern technology and an extensive catalogue of molds. Your liner will be fit to your exact specifications before your tub is cleaned using a diluted alcohol solution. Your bathroom remodeling professional will then use a butyl sealant to line your tub in order to prepare it to receive the new liner. Once the liner is placed, the overflow and drain may be installed before a final touch of silicone is added around the edges of the liner. This process can help to restore your bathtub and bathroom as little as three hours.

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