Making Bathrooms Safer for Seniors

bathroom remodeling in baltimore mdWhile people tend to take advantage of their strength, flexibility, and reflexes at a young age, these factors tend to decline with age. Unfortunately, this can mean your bathroom design in Baltimore can eventually become hazardous. On the other hand, some simple bathroom remodeling can go a long way in terms of keeping your elderly loved ones safe in the home. Read on if you would like a few tips for making bathrooms safer for seniors.

Safer Surfaces

Many types of bathroom flooring may become slippery when wet, which can be a real problem for seniors. You can eliminate the threat of slipping and falling while getting out of the bathtub or shower by making the floor as safe as possible. Non-slip mats and rugs are very affordable and widely available at most home goods stores, and they can make a substantial difference in the safety level of your bathroom. It helps to put some sort of non-slip mat inside the tub as well as at least one non-slip rug on the outside of the tub for continuous grip. If you are doing more intensive bathroom remodeling, consider small tile flooring in the bathroom; more tiling means more grout, which offers extra grip.

The Right Tubs and Showers

Certain types of bathtubs and showers can make your bathroom much more accessible, convenient, and safe for seniors. A bathtub can be converted into a shower and a shower can be converted into a bathtub with the help of a bathroom remodeling company, and this can be very helpful for the elderly. Consider installing a walk-in bathtub so that your senior loved one can maneuver into the tub alone, even if he or she relies on a wheelchair.

Grab Bars

One of the most critical elements of a safe bathroom for seniors is the presence of grab bars. These can be placed all over the bathroom and can make it substantially easier for seniors to go about their business without requiring the assistance of another person. Grab bars should be installed in showers and bathtubs, next to toilets, and near sinks.

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