Choosing a Walk-In Tub for a Smaller Bathroom

walk-in tub baltimore MDWalk-in tubs are designed to improve access and safety for those persons who have limited mobility. By including a walk-in tub during your bathroom remodeling near Baltimore, you can ensure that your bathroom is safe for every member of your family. While safety tubs are highly convenient, they are typically designed to fit in the space that is occupied by a conventional tub. If you are planning a renovation for a smaller bathroom, you may be wondering whether a walk-in will fit in your space. Here is a look at some tips for including walk-in tubs in smaller bathrooms.

Evaluate Your Tub Options

When you are choosing a walk-in tub for a smaller bathroom, it is a great idea to evaluate all of the tub options that are available to you. While some tubs are designed for larger bathroom spaces, other tubs are specifically created for smaller bathrooms. By seeking out a compact walk-in tub, you will be able to easily fit your new tub into your bathroom design.

Consider Bathroom Layout

Along with finding a smaller walk-in tub, you can also consider changing the layout of your bathroom. With a few simple modifications, you can create additional space for your tub. For example, you can free up space by installing recessed cabinets and shelves. Thoughtfully placed shelving units can add a significant amount of floor space to your smaller bathroom. This space can be used to incorporate your new walk-in tub.

Explore Reconfiguration Options

By working with aging in place remodelers, you will have a better idea of which reconfiguration options are available to you. For example, in order to fit a walk-in tub in your smaller bathroom, you may need to move your sink or toilet to another part of the room. With a few simple adjustments, you will create the perfect space for your walk-in tub. Ultimately, your tub will provide convenience, comfort, and safety.

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