Factors to Consider When Remodeling an Elderly Loved One's Bathroom

aging in the home remodelers near baltimoreWhen our loved ones reach their golden years, it’s important to make sure that they are still able to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Unfortunately, many basic tasks become more difficult with age, so it may be necessary to remodel certain areas of your older relatives’ residence in order to ensure their safety. In particular, the bathroom can be a very dangerous place for a senior citizen. If you’re looking for aging in the home remodelers near Baltimore, consider these bathroom remodeling tips.

Walk-in Bathtubs

This is a popular option for aging residents, as it can make the process of bathing much easier. Unfortunately, there are some negatives to consider with walk-in tubs, as they still require seniors to climb over a small ledge and into the tub. In addition to this, bathers must wait for the tub to fill up and then drain afterward before they can get out. Although these may be a disadvantage for some, they are an excellent option for anyone who prefers baths over showers.

Shower Seats

Often a more affordable option, shower seats offer the opportunity to sit while taking a shower. If standing for extended periods of time is a problem, this could be a lifesaver. Whether built-in or movable, shower seats can provide a certain level of dignity without having to install a walk-in tub. Bathroom remodeling for seniors doesn’t have to be difficult, and this is an excellent example of steps you can take to improve the life of your elderly loved ones.

Slip Resistant Floors

The older you get, the more dangerous and life threatening it can be to fall. Injuries don’t heal as quickly for seniors as they do for younger adults, so it’s important to make sure that their bathroom flooring isn’t slippery. Thankfully, there is slip resistant flooring which can help to avoid any accidents. Aging in place may require some remodeling, but it doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. Focus your bathroom remodeling on options that are both effective and affordable to improve the livelihood of senior family members.

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