Could You Benefit from Converting Your Small Tub to a Shower?

Are you considering a bathtub to shower conversion in Baltimore? If you have a small bathtub that is rarely used or used despite its inconvenience, you may benefit from converting it to a shower. Fortunately, bathtub to shower conversions are a straightforward process that can be completed quickly—you don’t need to undergo a full bathroom remodel to change from tub to shower. Keep reading to learn more about how you could benefit from converting your small tub to a shower.


Get More Use Out of Your Bathroom

If your tub is simply sitting in your bathroom unused, there are plenty of advantages to converting it into a functional shower. Most bathrooms are small and cannot afford to spare unused space. By removing the bathtub and replacing it with a shower that you’ll use more frequently, you’ll be investing in your home by making your bathroom more modern, functional, and convenient. Plus, you may be able to free up precious floor space in your bathroom, giving you the freedom to add additional storage or simply enjoy the extra space to move around.

Change Up Your Bathroom Aesthetic

If you’re looking to change up your bathroom design, replacing your tub with a shower is one way to shift the focal point in the bathroom. Showers naturally have a different stylistic design to offer your bathroom décor. If you simply dislike the look of a tub in the bathroom, converting to a shower is an easy way to get the bathroom design that you want. A bathtub to shower conversion is also the perfect option for those who are aiming to do a bathroom remodel on a budget. This one element can drastically change the look of your bathroom but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Make Bathing More Convenient

Many people tend to prefer bathing in a shower over a small tub. Showers give you space to move around in and allow the bathing process to be completed more quickly. Make your bathing experience more convenient by swapping your small tub for a modern shower.

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