Common Questions About the Re-Bath System

A dingy or dirty bathtub can detract from the appeal of your bathroom. Rather than completing a bathtub to shower conversion or other major bathtub installation procedure, you may want to consider sprucing up your old bathtub with the Re-Bath system. Using Re-Bath, your contractor will be able to completely cover your worn-out bathtub surface with a brand new liner. A contractor that offers bathroom remodeling near Baltimore will be able to provide you with detailed information about the benefits that the Re-Bath system has to offer you. Here are some answers to common questions that you may have about your Re-Bath installation. bath - tub

How does the Re-Bath system work?

The Re-Bath system is engineered to fit snugly over your current bathtub surface. In order to make sure that your Re-Bath liner achieves a perfect fit, your technician will choose a mold from the DuraBath SSP™ line. Once the right mold has been selected, a liner will be custom crafted to the exact shape of your bathtub. The liner will be secured to the surface of your bathtub with an extremely strong adhesive, enhancing your bathroom décor.

What are the benefits of the Re-Bath system?

There are several advantages to choosing Re-Bath over other tub refinishing methods. Re-Bath is a permanent application that will last for the lifespan of your bathtub. By contrast, paint or glaze on the existing surface of your bathtub may wear off after a couple of years. After your Re-Bath liner has been installed, you will also find that your new bathtub surface is very easy to clean, making your bathroom décor look even better.

How long is the lifespan of a Re-Bath system?

You may also be curious about the typical lifespan of a Re-Bath installation. Since the Re-Bath system is made out of high quality materials, it will look and feel great for many years after it is initially installed. The technicians who install your Re-Bath system will also provide you with detailed information about how to properly care for your bathtub liner. Using the right cleaning products will ensure the long lasting quality of your Re-Bath installation.

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