Safety Features to Include with Your Tub to Shower Conversion

A bathroom to shower conversion is a terrific home improvement project for any homeowner who is interested in improving the accessibility, safety, and comfort of their bathroom design. With a properly designed shower enclosure, you can create a bathing area that is easily used by any person who has mobility limitations. To get started on your bathtub to shower conversion in Baltimore, you will want to get in touch with a company that offers shower enclosure designs. If you are gearing up for a bathroom renovation, here are some safety features to include with your bathtub to shower conversion: bathtub - shower

Built-In Seating for the Shower

A shower enclosure may have a slippery flooring surface that poses a safety hazard to the bather. When you are considering safety features for your bathtub to shower conversion, you can ask your designer to create custom built-in seating around your shower space. Sitting while you shower will allow you to enjoy a relaxing bathing experience, without worrying about slips or falls.

Durable Support Bars

Bars and handrails are an essential addition to any shower conversion design. As a person enters or exits the shower, he or she should always have access to a bar that’s easy to grab. These bars can be placed at hip height for improved comfort and safety. A renovation team that has experience with tub to shower conversions will know precisely where to place bars around the shower for the maximum safety benefits.

Custom Door Designs

Shower doors can pose a safety threat if they are difficult to slide or swing open. During the process of planning a bathtub to shower conversion, you can consult with your renovation team about your custom door design options. Your renovation contractor may recommend that you include easy-to-open doors in your custom shower design. With all of these safety features in place, you will be able to use your brand new shower with total comfort and ease.

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