The Role of Bathroom Remodeling in Maintaining Independence for Seniors

Most seniors want to stay in their own homes and maintain their independence for as long as possible, but safety issues at home sometimes interfere with their ability to do so. One room that is often problematic is the bathroom. Bathroom designs that once worked can now pose dangers to seniors with mobility issues, vision problems, and other health concerns. Fortunately, remodeling the bathroom can make aging in space more viable for seniors while reducing the concerns of family members worried about accidents and falls. If you are a senior who wants to stay independent or the family member of a senior who wants to age in place, here is how bathroom remodeling in Baltimore can help make things safer. safe - bathroom


By making a few changes to the shower during a bathroom remodeling project, you can make the bathroom safer for seniors. Safety options, such as grab bars, handrails, shower seats, and adjustable showerheads, can help seniors maintain their balance and avoid falls in the shower. Non-slip shower mats and adhesives can also help to make the shower safer for seniors so that aging in place is more viable.


Lighting plays an important role in senior safety in the home, from adding extra lighting in hallways to installing nightlights in bedrooms. Changing the lighting in the bathroom is also important. There should be ample lighting above the shower to further reduce the risk of falling. Your bathroom remodeling contractor can install a light if none is there. There should also be nightlights in the bathroom as well as along the pathway from the bedroom to the bathroom. The overall lighting in the bathroom should be bright, and the light switches should be easy to access.


Seniors need ample room to maneuver in the bathroom, particularly if they use a walker or cane. Even seniors who walk independently need sufficient space to reduce the chance of falls. In tight bathrooms, consider increasing the space around the shower stall and toilet so seniors can negotiate the area safely.

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