Spotlighting the Benefits of Converting a Bathtub to a Shower

Many people may wish they could have a walk-in shower instead of their tight bathtub/shower combo. Thankfully, homeowners can easily have a bathtub to shower conversion in Baltimore. Aside from the addition of more space while showering, converting a bathtub to a shower offers greater design options and safer access when entering the shower. Here is a look at the benefits you will find when you do a bathtub conversion. bathroom - shower

More Shower Space

You may be used to the small standing space you have in your bathtub/shower combo, but think about the amount of space you can gain by having only a shower. Bathtubs typically have a wide lip, which forms the barrier by which water cannot escape. Depending on your bathtub style, this lip may run around half of the bathtub or the entire appliance. That is several inches of space that is being taken up by an unnecessary bathtub. With a bathtub to shower conversion, your small tub and shower can turn into an expansive walk-in shower in no time.

Easy Shower Doors

Often, opening and closing the shower curtain can get annoying, and it never holds in the heat like you wish it would. Shower curtains can also collect mold and mildew, possibly causing health problems every time you enter the shower. Once you have a bathtub to shower conversion, though, you won’t have to worry about a flimsy or moldy shower curtain anymore. Shower doors can come in many options including sliding doors, French doors, or one door. These doors create a more comfortable shower enclosure that will hold in more heat and allow for easier cleaning.

Greater Access

When entering or exiting the bathtub/shower, has your foot ever caught on the lip of the bathtub? If you have felt that momentary flash of fear that you may fall, then you need to consider converting your bathtub into a walk-in shower. You will no longer have to worry about potentially tripping because you can simply walk in or out of your shower.

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