The ABCs of One-Day Bathroom Remodeling

When people think of a bathroom remodeling project, they may envision a weeks-long process. Those same people may be surprised to know that a simple bathroom remodel near Baltimore can actually be done in a single day. new - bathroom

Types of One-Day Remodels

There are many ways to give your bathroom a new look in just one day. There are simple changes like switching out bathroom faucets or painting a new color on the walls. Other one-day remodels might consist of a bathtub to shower conversion or appliance replacement. You may also update your bathroom vanity, toilet, or add shelving. Any one of these ideas and more can have a significant and positive impact on your bathroom.

Preparation for a Remodel

Even though your bathroom remodeling will be done in less than a day, you still need to prepare the space. Your remodeling contractor can give you greater specifics, but you should make sure that everything that can easily be moved is out of the bathroom. Remove toiletries, decorations, and other items from the bathroom vanity and shelves. Make sure that pets or children are out from underfoot. You may also consider turning off the main water line in preparation of any plumbing work that might occur.

The Process of a One-Day Remodel

Before anything can begin, you need to consult with your contractors on what bathroom feature you want changed. They will tell you how long the project should be and what else you can expect on the day of the remodel. After you have made the necessary preparations, your remodeling contractors will arrive with the new appliance and hardware to install it. They will make sure all plumbing and water lines are turned off and remove the old appliance. The area will be prepped for the new appliance, and it will quickly be installed. The contractors will ensure all plumbing is hooked back up and clean up their work space. Your one-day bathroom remodeling will be complete in no time.

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