Design Ideas for a Smaller Bathroom

Do you have a small bathroom in your home? If so, you might think the idea of completing a bathroom remodeling job on it is preposterous. After all, why pay money to remodel a space that is too small to allow you to make a real impact? But the truth is that you can do a lot in a small bathroom by coming up with a creative bathroom design in Baltimore. Check out some design ideas that will help you remodel your smaller bathroom space.

Smaller Bathroom

Pick out smaller bathroom fixtures than the ones you have now.

One of the first things you should do when doing a bathroom remodeling job in a smaller bathroom.Think about how to cut down on the amount of space your fixtures take up. If you already have a pedestal sink and a small toilet, there might not be much you can do in terms of saving space with smaller fixtures. However, if you have an oversized tub, completing a bathtub to shower conversion might make a lot of sense for you.

Find ways to make the most of your space when it comes to storage.

Coming up with ways to store items in a small bathroom is always a challenge. You don’t want to put large cabinets into spaces and waste room, but you also don’t want to have items laying all over the bathroom without any place to store them. How about installing simple floor-to-ceiling shelving instead? Find a place in your bathroom design to build custom shelving that will give you a place to store things without dramatically cutting down on the space available in the room.

Declutter your bathroom and resist the urge to add too many accessories.

Once you have cut down on the amount of space you’re using for fixtures and storage, you should try to do away with any unnecessary cabinets, towel racks, or dispensers. When you fill your bathroom with these types of items, it will start to feel smaller than it really is. Take a minimalistic approach to design, and you will see results.

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