Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you need to add storage space to your bedroom or living room, you can go out and buy a large cabinet that will fit everything you need to store. This isn’t always an option when it comes to your bathroom since space is usually more limited. If you are doing bathroom remodeling and looking to create more storage opportunities, you can’t always simply find a piece of furniture to store your bathroom items. Instead, you might have to get creative and find ways to incorporate storage when doing bathroom remodeling near Baltimore. Here are several clever ideas.

Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas

Hang a single shelf above your sink.

From your hand soap to your toothbrush to your lotions, you probably have quite a few items that you need to use every day that hang on or around your sink. Why not build a shelf right above the sink and below bathroom sink cabinets that are used for these items? When bathroom remodeling, you can easily find a shelf that will match the style of the rest of your space and not look out of place. You will free up your countertops and sink and make your entire bathroom look neater with this type of shelving.

Place a cabinet over your toilet.

So many homeowners leave the space above their toilets open. Why? Rather than leaving it as dead space in your bathroom, you should find a cabinet that matches the rest of the spaces and work it into your bathroom design. It doesn’t have to be a large, overbearing cabinet, either. If you are worried about the cost associated with purchasing a cabinet, you can even purchase a few shelves and hang them there. It will give you some much-needed storage space.

Use the space on the back of your bathroom door.

Whether you put up a few hooks and use it to hang your bath towels or you assemble a series of racks and use it to hang hand towels for everyone to use, you should find a way to use the space on the back of your bathroom door efficiently.

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