Bathroom Remodels That Save Space

The bathroom is one of the most used and essential areas of the home. If you’re looking for bathroom ideas in Baltimore to make this part of your home feel bigger, then consider taking advantage of the following bathroom remodeling ideas that can save space: spacious - bathroom

Change up your storage.

Having the right kind of storage for your bathroom is one of the best ways to keep the room organized and functional. However, if you have unused space in your bathroom cabinets, then remodeling this part of the room can provide you with more space to use for other features, such as dual sinks or a larger shower.

Get rid of your tub.

If your small bathroom has a tub, then this element may be taking up a significant amount of space. While having a bathtub can provide you with benefits, if this feature in your bathroom goes mostly unused, then it may make sense to remove it altogether. By converting your bathtub into a shower, not only are you able to save space, but you can also choose to install a luxurious walk-in shower that can be more comfortable and practical. Tub to shower conversions give you the chance to get more enjoyment out of your bathroom features, as well as save on space.

Install a new shower.

Along the same lines as removing your unused tub, if you have a large shower that occupies a significant area of your bathroom, then you may benefit from converting it into a mini stall shower. Compact shower installation offers homeowners a way to maximize the space in their bathroom without reducing its level of function.

Choose a new vanity.

Homeowners who are trying to save space in their bathroom should give their current vanity a thorough evaluation. This part of the bathroom is a common culprit for taking up unnecessary space. Installing wall storage and converting your bathroom vanity into a pedestal or built-in sink, for example, is an excellent way to create more space in your bathroom.

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