Ways to Add Safety and Convenience to Your Bathroom

There are simple ways to make your bathroom safer and more comfortable, such as adding grab bars and a curbless shower enclosure. These helpful bathroom additions can be used if you are installing an aging-in-place bathroom or if you simply wish to make your bathroom a more convenient space. Let’s take a look at some different bathroom ideas in Baltimore that will make your bathroom safer. bathroom - floor

Install Slip-Resistant Floors

You are more likely to slip in your bathroom or shower than anywhere else in the house. Even if you place a carpeted bathmat outside of your shower, you can still slip in the water or on the smooth tile. The best way to prevent a dangerous fall is to choose slip-resistant floors and surfaces. Grouted ceramic tiles or stone floors offer some traction to prevent slipping. Make sure that your shower enclosure also has roughened floors to prevent slipping while in the shower.

Place Helpful Grab Bars

Grab bars can be stationed in multiple areas around the bathroom, such as in your shower or bathtub, outside of the shower, and next to the toilet. These key locations are where you will need the most help standing up, kneeling, or sitting down. Placing grab bars around your bathroom may also help in case you slip.

Choose a Curbless Shower

If you are planning an aging-in-place bathroom remodeling project, then consider adding a curbless shower enclosure. This design prevents the possibility of tripping when you step into or out of the shower. You may also consider a walk-in tub that allows you to easily and safely enter and exit your bathtub.

Use Adjustable Showerheads

Adjustable showerheads can make your bathroom experience much more convenient and enjoyable. You can hold an adjustable showerhead and use it to wash yourself off however you wish. You can also change settings to adjust the water pressure. This can make your experience more enjoyable if you have tight muscles or wish for a more relaxing experience.

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