Consider These Options for Your Luxury Walk-In Shower Design

If you are seeking a luxurious and functional addition to your bathroom décor, you may want to consider installing a luxury walk-in shower. Walk-in showers are one of today’s hottest bathroom remodeling trend, and you will be able to outfit your new shower design with premium materials and accessories. A company that specializes in bathroom remodeling near Baltimore will be able to transform your shower design dreams into a gorgeous reality. To help you get started on your renovation project, here is a look at some options to consider for your luxury walk-in shower design. shower - remodel

Glass Enclosures

To provide your walk-in shower with a truly spa-like atmosphere, you may want to consider finishing it with a glass enclosure. Frameless glass enclosures are very luxurious in appearance, and they are also extremely easy to maintain. Your glass walk-in shower enclosure will also allow you to visually highlight some of the terrific materials and amenities that you have chosen to include in your new shower design.

Recessed Lighting

In order to create the perfect ambiance in your walk-in shower, you will need to make sure that you create the ideal lighting design. Rather than installing all of your light fixtures on the exterior of your shower, you may want to enhance your luxury shower design with an in-shower light fixture. Recessed lighting directly above your walk-in shower will allow you to bathe in light as you enjoy your luxurious bathroom.

Steam Fixtures

Steam showers are all the rage for contemporary luxury bathroom designs. By incorporating a steam fixture into your luxury walk-in shower, you can take advantage of the dual benefits of a conventional shower and a spa-like steam room. Your steam shower will be particularly enjoyable during the middle of winter, when outdoor temperatures are extremely low. You may also find that using your steam shower once a week helps to improve the condition of your skin. A bathroom remodeling expert can provide you with more ideas of luxurious amenities to include in your new shower design.

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