What is the Re-Bath System (Bathtub Liner)?

Re-Bath manufactures custom DuraBath SSP™ bathtub molds for an exact fit over your existing bathtub. This provides a simple and cost-effective solution for a beautiful bathroom re-design.

How are you able to match my old bathtub?

Through the use of the latest thermoform technology and an inventory of 1000+ molds, Re-Bath is able to create an exact match to your existing bathtub. We are confident that your newly duplicated bathtub will have a watertight fit.

For example, if you happen to know that your home has an American Standard tub that was designed in 1952, Re-Bath already has that exact mold available to them.

Who will install my Re-Bath system and how long will it take?

Maryland Re-Bath is proud to have top bathroom remodelers on their installation team. Quite often, our team can complete your Re-Bath system installation in less than 1 day and it is ready to use by the next day!

How long will my Durabath bathtub last?

Maryland Re-Bath offers quality care instructions to help you keep your bathtub looking its best. With proper care, the Durabath SSP™ can remain resistant to chipping, denting, and fading for many years to come.

Can’t I just repaint or re-glaze my old bathtub?

In addition to being messy and smelly, these applications are often only temporary fixes for your bathtub. They can easily crack, peel, and fade, requiring continuous re-application.

Are Re-Bath products easy to clean?

Re-Bath uses non-porous products, making them easy to clean and maintain.

What is a Wall Surround System?

The Re-Bath Durabath SSP wall systems are intended to go over existing tile walls. They are created to be durable and impact-resistant materials which we have tested to ensure they remain stain-resistant with non-porous surfaces. They maintain their high-gloss finish and are easy to clean.

How will Re-Bath know which bathtub liner size to create for my home?

Maryland Re-Bath has highly-qualified salespeople that will visit our customers’ homes to take several measurements, along with two photos. They use this information to determine the manufacturer of your bathtub, as well as the age and size of it. They are then able to match yours up to one of our 1000+ molds we carry in our warehouse.

How are bathtub liners installed?

A Re-Bath certified installer scribes the bathtub liner for exact fit within tile walls. The bathtub is then cleaned with denatured alcohol (denatured alcohol diluted 50% with water). The installer lines the existing bathtub with a butyl sealant and inserts the bathtub liner over the existing bathtub. The new overflow and drain are installed. A 1/8 inch bead of silicone is then applied around the edges, and the job is completed. This process takes approximately 3 to 5 hours.

Is there a product warranty?

Re-Bath, LLC is proud to offer our Lifetime Warranty on all Durabath SSP purchases for material defects. Generally, a manufacturer’s warranty for a new bathtub is 1 year.

What makes the Re-Bath Wall System different from the other wall kits?

Each of our Re-Bath Wall Systems is first custom designed for an exact fit, then installed by our team of professionals over your existing walls. One-size-fits-all and do-it-yourself wall kits are often difficult to install and maintain. Further, those kits are made from inexpensive and poor-quality materials, which aren’t made to last.

Do I need to have my wall surround system grouted?

No. Our Re-Bath wall surround system has eliminated the need for grouting or tile maintenance issues.

Do I need to remove my existing tiles?

No. Our installation team will install your Re-Bath system directly over your existing tile or wall, in most cases.

How should I clean my tub’s whirlpool system?

Whirlpool system cleaning should become part of your regular bathing routine. Fill your tub so that all of the jets are covered with water. Turn the motor on and add ¼ to ½ cup of household bleach or dishwasher detergent (crystal detergent works best) to the water. Allow the motor to continue running for 10-15 minutes. Then turn off the motor and drain the water. Once all of the water has been drained, run the motor once more for 30-45 seconds to all the excess water in the whirlpool system to be fully drained. The whirlpool systems may require more than one cleaning cycle if it has not been cleaned routinely.

Why should I avoid using bath oils, soaps, or bubble bath products in my whirlpool tub?

Soaps and bubble bath products often leave behind an oily film inside your whirlpool system. Unfortunately, that film can become a feeding ground for mold, as the whirlpool’s relatively warm environment coupled with the dark and moist tubing system can be ideal conditions for mold to form. If you have accidently used some type of bubble bath product, we strongly recommend you follow the cleaning instructions described above.

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